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This website reflects the fact that there is a difference between an offender and a person convicted of an offense. State bureaucrats take an unnecessary risk in requiring a person to sign a statement or otherwise call himself or herself an offender. A boss who says, “Hey idiot, if you want your paycheck, come here and get it,” runs the risk of being sued for failure to pay wages. To collect your wages you would have to call yourself an idiot. A person wrongly convicted of an offense cannot justly be required to call himself or herself an offender because that is an opinion, while such person is convicted of an offense, which is a factual matter. Roll the dice and see how the courts will rule.

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This is a privately run website displaying public information. This ain’t your decennial census or your annual telephone directory. Registration data changes quickly and this website cannot keep up. We offer some links where you might find more current information. Much of their data, however, is locked behind search boxes where the search engines do not reach. This website is on static HTML pages the search engines crawl, and more persons, who never would have searched a sex offender registry site, will stumble upon important discoveries.
If your favourite jurisdiction isn’t included, it may be that their registry is run by stupid, useless, incompetent idiots who insist on locking the database behind a search box, available only through hunt-and-peck. Then again, the Iowa database is restricted by State law. Go figure!